Regional Training Network in Theoretical Physics

TSU and YSU node Publications

  1. Quantization of AdS_3 superparticle on OSP(1|2)^2/SL(2,R)
    Martin Heinze and George Jorjadze
    Nucl. Phys. B915 (2016) 44-68

  2. Neutrino mass matrices from two zero 3 x 2 Yukawa textures and minimal d = 5 entries
    A.Achelashvili and Z.Tavartkiladze
    Int.J.Mod.Phys. A31 (2016) no.13, 1650077

  3. Soft See-Saw: Radiative Origin of Neutrino Masses in SUSY Theories
    L. Megrelidze and Z.Tavartkiladze
    Nucl.Phys. B914 (2017) 553-576

  4. Twin-unified SU(5) × SU(5)′ GUT and phenomenology
    Pramana 86 (2016) no.2, 281-294

  5. Standard Model Particles from Split Octonions
    M. Gogberashvili,
    Progr. Phys. 12 (2016) 30

  6. The Quantum Group and Harper Equation on a Honeycomb Lattice
    M. Eliashvili, G. Tsitsishvili and G. Japaridze
    J.Math.Sci. 216 (2016) no.4, 522-526

  7. Standing waves braneworlds
    M. Gogberashvili, I. Mantidze, O. Sakhelashvili, and T.Shengelia
    Int. J. Mod. Phys. D25 (2016) 163001925

  8. Diffractions from the brane and GW150914
    M. Gogberashvili and P. Midodashvili
    Euro. Phys. Lett. 114 (2016) 50008

  9. Octonionic Geometry and Conformal Transformations
    M. Gogberashvili
    Int. J. Geom. Meth. Mod. Phys. 13 (2016) 1650092

  10. Information-Probabilistic Description of the Universe
    M. Gogberashvili
    Int. J. Theor. Phys. 55 (2016) 4185

  11. Size of Shell Universe in Light of FERMI GBM Transient Associated with GW150914
    M. Gogberashvili, A. Sakharov and E. Sarkisyan
    Phys. Lett., B763 (2016) 397

  12. Coherent pion production in proton-deuteron collisions
    S.Dymov, ..., M.Tabidze at al.
    Phys.Lett. B762 (2016) 102-106

  13. How to Reach a Thousand-Second in-Plane Polarization Lifetime with 0.97-GeV/c Deuterons in a Storage Ring
    G. Guidoboni, ..., M.Tabidze et al.
    Phys.Rev.Lett. 117 (2016) no.5, 054801

  14. Measurement of the absolute differential cross section of pp elastic scattering at small angles
    D.Mcedlishvili, ..., M.Tabidze et al.
    Phys.Lett. B755 (2016), 92-96

  15. Stochastic Model for Phonemes Uncovers an Author-Dependency of Their Usage
    W Deng, AE Allahverdyan
    PLoS ONE 11(4): e0152561

  16. Bloch states in light transport through a perforated metal
    Z Gevorkian, V Gasparian, E Cuevas
    EPL (Europhysics Letters) 113( 2016) no.6

  17. Non-random structures in universal compression and the Fermi paradox
    A. V. Gurzadyan, A. E. Allahverdyan
    The European Physical Journal Plus, 131 (2016),26

  18. Yang-Baxter relations with orthogonal or symplectic symmetry
    D. Karakhanyan, R. Kirschner
    J.Phys.Conf.Ser. 670 (2016) no.1, 012029

  19. Orthogonal and symplectic Yangians and Yang–Baxter R-operators
    A.P.Isaev, D.Karakhanyan, R.Kirschner
    Nucl.Phys. B904 (2016) 124-147

  20. Integrability and separation of variables in Calogero-Coulomb-Stark and two-center Calogero-Coulomb systems
    Tigran Hakobyan, Armen Nersessian
    Phys.Rev. D93 (2016) no.4, 045025

  21. Large diffusion lengths of excitons in perovskite and TiO_2 heterojunction
    Z.Gevorkian, V.Gasparian and Y.Lozovik
    Appl. Phys. Lett. 108, 051109 (2016)

  22. Theoretical treatment of helix–coil transition of complexes DNA with two different ligands having different binding parameters
    Armen T Karapetian, Zareh A Grigoryan, Yevgeni Sh Mamasakhlisov, Mikayel V Minasyants, Poghos O Vardevanyan
    Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics 34 (2016) 201-205

  23. Possible mechanism of non-monotone behavior of helix-coil transition temperature in two-component solvent
    SA Tonoyan, AV Asatryan, DL Hayrapetyan, YS Mamasakhlisov,V.F.Morozov
    Journal of Contemporary Physics (Armenian Academy of Sciences) 51 (2016) no.1, 99-104

  24. Spherical Calogero model with oscillator/Coulomb potential: classical case
    F.Correa, T.Hakobyan, O.Lechtenfield and A.Nersessian
    Phys.Rev. D93 (2016) no.12, 125008

  25. Spherical Calogero model with oscillator/Coulomb potential: quantum case
    F.Correa, T.Hakobyan, O.Lechtenfield and A.Nersessian
    Phys.Rev. D93 (2016) no.12, 125009

  26. Comments on fusion matrix in N=1 super Liouville field theory
    H.Poghosyan and G.Sarkissian
    Nucl. Phys. B909 (2016) 458-479

  27. The light asymptotic limit of conformal blocks in Toda field theory
    H.Poghosyan, R.Poghosyan and G.Sarkissian
    JHEP 1605 (2016) 087

  28. Adaptive Heat Engine
    A.E.Allahverdyan, S.G.Babajanyan, N.H.Martirosyan, A.V.Melkikh
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 117 (2016) Issue 3, 030601

  29. Electromagnetic gauge-freedom and work
    A.E.Allahverdyan, S.G.Babajanyan
    Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 49 (2016) 285001

  30. Time arrow is influenced by the dark energy
    A.E. Allahverdyan, V.G. Gurzadyan
    Phys. Rev. E93 (2016) 052125

  31. Diffusive radiation in the infrared region
    Zh S.Gevorkian, K.B. Oganesyan
    Laser Phys. Lett. 13 (2016) 116002

  32. 2015
  33. Thermal-induced proteinquake in oxyhemoglobin
    S.G.Gevorkian, A.E.Allahverdyan, D.S.Gevorgyan, Chin-Kin Hu
    Nature Scientific Reports 5 (2015) 13064
    DOI: 10.1038/srep13064

  34. Imprecise probability for non-commuting observables
    New J. Phys., 17 (2015) 085005
    DOI: 10.1088/1367-2630/17/8/085005

  35. Absence of actual plateaus in zero-temperature magnetization curves of quantum spin clusters and chains
    V Ohanyan, O Rojas, J Strečka, S Bellucci
    Physical Review B92 (2015) no.21, 214423

  36. Magnetism-driven ferroelectricity in spin-1 2 X Y chains
    O Menchyshyn, V Ohanyan, T Verkholyak, T Krokhmalskii, O Derzhko
    Physical Review B92 (2015), no 18, 184427

  37. Runge-Lenz vector in the Calogero-Coulomb problem
    T.Hakobyan, A.Nersessian
    Phys.Rev. A92 (2015) no.2, 022111

  38. On classical and semiclassical properties of the Liouville theory with defects
    H.Poghosian, G,Sarkissian
    JHEP 1511 (2015) 005

  39. On Dunkl angular momenta algebra
    Misha Feigin, Tigran Hakobyan
    JHEP 1511 (2015) 107

  40. Lowest-energy states in parity-transformation eigenspaces of SO(N) spin chain
    Nucl.Phys. B898 (2015) 248-258

  41. Charged isotropic non-Abelian dyonic black branes
    Y Brihaye, R Manvelyan, E Radu, DH Tchrakian
    Phys. Lett. B745 (2015), 90-96

  42. Memory-induced mechanism for self-sustaining activity in networks
    A.E.Allahverdyan,  G. VerSteeg,  A.Galstyan
    Phys. Rev. E92, 062824 (2015)

  43. Active Inference for Binary Symmetric Hidden Markov Models
    A.E.Allahverdyan,  A.Galstyan
    J. Stat. Phys., 161 (2015) 452-466

  44. Localization-length calculations in alternating metamaterial-birefringent disordered layered stacks
    O del Barco, V Gasparian, Z Gevorkian
    Physical Review A91 (2015) 063822

  45. Generalized model of polypeptide chain for helix-coil transition in two-component solvent
    Sh A Tonoyan, AV Asatryan, S Mirtavoosi, Y Sh Mamasakhlisov, VF Morozov
    Journal of Contemporary Physics (Armenian Academy of Sciences) 50 (2015) no.4, 375-380

  46. Collapse and hybridization of RNA: View from replica technique approach
    YS Mamasakhlisov, S Bellucci, S Hayryan, H Caturyan, Z Grigoryan, Chin-Kun Hu
    The European Physical Journal E38 (2015) 100

  47. Solvent effects in the helix-coil transition model can explain the unusual biophysics of intrinsically disordered proteins
    A Badasyan, YS Mamasakhlisov, R Podgornik, VA Parsegian
    The Journal of Chemical Physics 143 (2015) no.1, 014102

  48. New method for a continuous determination of the spin tune in storage rings and implications for precision experiments
    D.Eversmann, ..., M.Tabidze et al.
    Phys.Rev.Lett. 115 (2015) 9, 094801.

  49. Analysing powers and spin correlations in deuteron-proton charge exchange at 726 MeV
    S.Dymov, ..., M.Tabidze et al.
    Phys.Lett. B744 (2015), 391

  50. Singular behavior of the Laplace operator in polar spherical coordinates and some of its consequences for the radial wave function at the origin of coordinates
    A.Khelashvili, T.Nadareishvili
    Phys.Part.Nucl.Lett. 12 (2015) 1, 11-25
    DOI: 10.1134/S1547477115010148

  51. Natural Inflation from 5D SUGRA and Low Reheat Temperature
    F.Paccetti Correia, M.G. Schmidt, Z.Tavartkiladze
    Nucl.Phys. B898 (2015), 173-196

  52. Towards polarized antiprotons: Machine development for spin-filtering experiment at COSY
    C. Weideman, ..., M.Tabidze et al.
    Phys.Rev. ST Accel.Beams 18, 020101 (2015), 26pp.

  53. Study of the pd⃗ →n{pp}s charge-exchange reaction using a polarised deuterium target
    B.Gou, ..., M.Tabidze et al.
    Phys.Lett. B741 (2015) 305-309
    DOI: 10.1016/j.physletb.2014.12.059

  54. Geometrical Applications of Split Octonions
    M.Ggogberashvili and O.Sakhelashvili
    Adv.Math.Phys. 2015 (2015) 196708

  55. Orbit method quantization of the AdS_2 superparticle
    M.Heinze, B.Hoare, G.Jorjadze, L.Megralidze
    J.Phys. A48 (2015) no.31, 315403

  56. Isometry Group Orbit Quantization of Spinning Strings in AdS_3×S^3
    M.Heinze, G.Jorjadze, L.Megralidze
    J.Phys. A48 (2015) no.12, 125401

  57. Structure of drug delivery DPPA and DPPC liposomes with ligands and their permeability through cells
    M.Khvedelidze, T.Mdzinarashvili, E.Shekiladze, M.Schneider, D.Moersdorf
    Journal of Liposome Research, Vol.25, №1, pp. 20-31, 2015

  58. 2014
  59. Lowest-energy states in parity-transformation eigenspaces of SO(N) spin chain
    T. Hakobyan

  60. Spherical mechanics for a particle near the horizon of extremal black hole
    A.Galajinsky, A.Nersessian, A.Saghatelian
    Phys.Part.Nucl.Lett. 11 (2014) 7, 890-893
    DOI: 10.1134/S154747711407019X

  61. Superintegrability of (generalized) Calogero models with oscillator or Coulomb potential
    T.Hakobyan, O.Lechtenfeld and A.Nersessian,
    Phys. Rev. D 90 (2014) 101701(R)
    arXiv:1409.8288 [hep-th]

  62. On the algebra of Dunkl angular momentum operators
    M.Feigin and T.Hakobyan,
    arXiv:1409.2480 [math-ph]

  63. The structure of invariants in conformal mechanics
    T.Hakobyan,D.Karakhanyan, O.Lechtenfeld
    Nucl. Phys. B 886(2014) 399-420

  64. Higher-derivative N=4 superparticle in three-dimensional spacetime
    N.Kozyrev, S.Krivonos, O.Lechtenfeld, A.Nersessian
    Phys. Rev. D 89(2014), 045013
    arXiv:1311.4540 [hep-th]

  65. Magnetization non-rational quasi-plateau and spatially modulated spin order in the single-chain magnet, [{(CuL)_2 Dy}{Mo(CN)_8}] 2CH_3CN H_2O
    S.Bellucci, V. Ohanyan, O. Rojas
    EPL 105, 47012 (2014) arXiv:1310.2811 [cond-mat.stat-mech]

  66. Defects, Non-abelian T-duality, and the Fourier-Mukai transform of the Ramond-Ramond fields
    E. Gevorgyan, G. Sarkissian
    JHEP 1403, 035 (2014) arXiv:1310.1264 [hep-th]

  67. Landau problem on the rotational ellipsoid, hyperboloid and paraboloid of revolution,
    E.Gevorgyan, A.Nersessian, V.Ohanyan and E.Tolkachev
    Mod. Phys. Lett. A 29 (2014), 1450148
    arXiv:1304.3221 [math-ph]

  68. Rigid particle revisited: extrinsic curvature yields the Dirac equation
    A.Deriglazov and A.Nersessian
    Physics Letters A378 (2014) 1224-1227

  69. Imprecise probability for non-commuting observables
    A. E. Allahverdyan

  70. Active Inference for Binary Symmetric Hidden Markov Models?
    A.E.Allahverdyan, A. Galstyan

  71. Nonequilibrium quantum fluctuations of work
    A. E. Allahverdyan
    Physical Review E, 90 (2014), 032137

  72. Phase transitions in community detection: A solvable toy model
    G. Ver Steeg, C.Moore, A.Galstyan, A.Allahverdyan
    Europhysics Letters, 106 (2014) 48004

  73. Rank-frequency relation for Chinese characters
    W. Deng, A. Allahverdyan, Bo Li, Q.A. Wang
    The European Physical Journal B, 87 (2014) 47

  74. Reentrant Melting of RNA with Quenched Sequence Randomness
    G. Hayraphetyan, F. Iannelli, F., J. Lekscha, Y.Sh .Mamasakhlisov, V.F. Morozov, R.R. Netz;
    Physical Review Letters, 113 (2014), 068101

  75. Helix-coil transition in biopolymers with multicomponent heterogeneity of energy and number of conformations
    Sh. ATonoyan, A.V. Asatryan, Y.Sh. Mamasakhlisov, V.F. Morozov
    Journal of Contemporary Physics (Armenian Academy of Sciences), 49 (2014) 132-137

  76. Kinetics of the long ssRNA: Steady state
    Y. Mamasakhlisov, Sh. Hayryan, V. Morozov, C.-K. Hu
    Europhysics Letters, 106 (2014) , 48007

  77. Unified description of solvent effects in the helix-coil transition
    A. Badasyan, Sh. Tonoyan, A. Giacometti, R.Podgornik, V. A. Parsegian, Y.Sh.Mamasakhlisov, V.F.Morozov
    Physical Review E, 89 (2014), 022723

  78. Measurement of the analysing power in proton–proton elastic scattering at small angles
    Z.Bagdasarian, ..., M.Tabidze et al.
    Phys.Lett. B739 (2014) 152-156
    DOI: 10.1016/j.physletb.2014.10.054

  79. New experimental upper limit of the electron-proton spin-flip cross-section
    D.Oellers, ..., M.Tabidze et al.
    Nucl.Instrum.Meth. A759 (2014) 6-9
    DOI: 10.1016/j.nima.2014.05.058

  80. First measurements of spin correlations in the np → dπ0 reaction
    V.Shmalova, ..., M.Tabidze et al.
    Phys.Lett. B726 (2013) 634-637
    DOI: 10.1016/j.physletb.2013.09.027

  81. Split Quaternions and Particles in (2+1)-Space
    Eur.Phys.J. C74 (2014) 12, 3200
    DOI: 10.1140/epjc/s10052-014-3200-0

  82. Fermions in the 5D Gravity-Scalar Standing Wave Braneworld
    M.Gogberashvili, P.Midodashvili
    Int.J.Mod.Phys. A29 (2014) 24, 1450141
    DOI: 10.1142/S0217751X14501413

  83. Cosmological Parameters from the Thermodynamic Model of Gravity
    M.Gogberashvili, I.Kanatchikov
    Int.J.Theor.Phys. 53 (2014) 1779-1783
    DOI: 10.1007/s10773-013-1976-6

  84. New Class of N-dimensional Braneworlds
    M.Gogberashvili, P.Midodashvili, G.Tukhashvili
    Gen.Rel.Grav. 46 (2014) 1697
    DOI: 10.1007/s10714-014-1697-z

  85. Static gauge and energy spectrum of single-mode strings in AdS5×S5
    S.Frolov, M.Heinze, G.Jorjadze, J.Plefka
    J.Phys. A47 (2014) 085401
    DOI: 10.1088/1751-8113/47/8/085401

  86. Grand unification and low scale implications: D2 parity for unification and neutrino masses
    AIP Conf.Proc. 1604 (2014) 265-272
    DOI: 10.1063/1.4883440

  87. SU(5)×SU(5)′ unification and D2 parity: Model for composite leptons
    Phys.Rev. D90 (2014) 1, 015022
    DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.90.015022

  88. Features of membrane receptors in bacterial multiplication process and necessary conditions for phage infection of bacteria
    T.Mdzinarashvili, I.Papukashvili, N.Shengelia, M.Khvedelidze
    Current Microbiology, Vol.69, №6, pp. 858-865, 2014

  89. 2013
  90. Action-angle variables for spherical mechanics related to near horizon extremal Myers–Perry black hole
    A.Galajinsky, A.Nersessian and A.Saghatelian
    Journal of Physics: Conference Series 474 (2013) 012019
    Proc. of XXI Colloquium on Integrable Systems and Quantum Symmetries, Prague, 12-16 June 2013

  91. Zero-curvature condition in Calogero model
    D. Karakhanyan, Sh. Khachatryan

  92. Superintegrable models related to near horizon extremal Myers-Perry black hole in arbitrary dimension
    A.Galajinsky, A.Nersessian and A.Saghatelian
    JHEP 1306,002 (2013) arXiv:1303.4901 [hep-th]

  93. Defects, Super-Poincare line bundle and Fermionic T-duality
    S.Elitzur, B.Karni, E.Rabinovici and G.Sarkissian
    JHEP 04, 088 (2013) arXiv:1301.6639 [hep-th]

  94. Isospin particle systems on quaternionic projective spaces.
    S.Bellucci, S.Krivonos, A.Nersessian, V.Yeghikyan
    Phys.Rev. D 87(2013), 045005
    arXiv:1212.1663 [hep-th]

  95. Correlation functions in one-dimensional spin lattices with Ising and Heisenberg bonds
    Stefano Bellucci, Vadim Ohanyan
    Eur. Phys. J. B86, 446 (2013) arXiv:1211.7358

  96. Baxter operators with deformed symmetry
    D.Chicherin, S. Derkachov, D. Karakhanyan, R. Kirschner
    Nuclear Physics B, 868(2013), 3, 652-683.

  97. Exact description of the magnetoelectric effect in the spin-1/2 XXZ-chain with Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction
    A.Klümper, M.Brockmann, V.Ohanyan
    Phys. Rev. B 87(2013), 054407

  98. New solutions to the slq(2)-invariant Yang-Baxter equations at roots of unity: cyclic representations
    D. Karakhanyan, Sh. Khachatryan
    Nuclear Physics B, 868(2013), 1, 328–349

  99. Explaining Zipf's law via a mental lexicon
    A.E. Allahverdyan, W. Deng, Q.A. Wang
    Phys.Rev. E88 (2013) 6, 062804
    DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.88.062804

  100. Understanding quantum measurement from the solution of dynamical models
    A.E. Allahverdyan, R. Balian, T. M. Nieuwenhuizen
    Phys.Rept. 525 (2013) 1-166
    DOI: 10.1016/j.physrep.2012.11.001

  101. Carnot Cycle at Finite Power: Attainability of Maximal Efficiency
    A.E.Allahverdyan, K.V.Hovhannisyan, A.V.Melkikh, S.G. Gevorkian
    Physical Review Letters, 111(2013) 050601

  102. Adaptive machine and its thermodynamic costs
    A.E.Allahverdyan, Q.A.Wang
    Physical Review E, 87 (2013) 032139

  103. On the theory of helix-coil transition in heterogeneous biopolymers. Constrained annealing method
    Sh. A. Tonoyan, A.S. Mirzakhanyan, Y.Sh .Mamasakhlisov, V.F. Morozov
    Journal of Contemporary Physics (Armenian Academy of Sciences), 48 (2013), 236-242

  104. Thermodynamics of single-stranded RNA with random sequence: Constrained annealing approach
    G.N.Hayrapetyan, H.L.Tsaturyan, Sh.A. Tonoyan, Y.Sh.Mamasakhlisov
    Journal of Contemporary Physics (Armenian Academy of Sciences), 48 (2013) 98-102

  105. Two-dimensional random walk and critical behavior of double-strand DNA
    G. N.Hayrapetyan, Y.Sh. Mamasakhlisov, V.F. Morozov, V.V. Papoyan, V.B. Priezzhev
    Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 46 (2013) 035001

  106. Excitation of the Δ(1232) isobar in deuteron charge exchange on hydrogen at 1.6, 1.8, and 2.3 GeV
    D.Mchedlishvili, ..., M.Tabidze et al.
    Phys.Lett. B726 (2013) 145-150
    DOI: 10.1016/j.physletb.2013.08.018

  107. Measurement of spin observables in the quasi-free np → {pp}sπ_ reaction at 353 MeV
    S.Dymov, ..., M.Tabidze et al.
    Phys.Rev. C88 (2013) 1, 014001
    DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.88.014001

  108. Gauge Fields in the 5D Gravity-Scalar Standing Wave Braneworld
    M.Gogberashvili, P.Midodashvili
    Europhys.Lett. 104 (2013) 50002
    DOI: 10.1209/0295-5075/104/50002

  109. The 5D Standing Wave Braneworld With Real Scalar Field
    M.Gogberashvili, P.Midodashvili
    Adv.High Energy Phys. 2013 (2013) 873686
    DOI: 10.1155/2013/873686

  110. On the Dynamics of the Ensemble of Particles in the Thermodynamic Model of Gravity
    J.Mod.Phys. 5 (2014) 1945-1957
    DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2014.517189

  111. Hierarchy of Fermion Masses in the 5D Standing Wave Braneworld
    M.Gogberashvili, G.Tukhashvili
    arXiv:1308.5840 [hep-th]

  112. Numerical Solutions in 5D Standing Wave Braneworld
    M.Gogberashvili, O.Sakhelashvili, G.Tukhashvili
    Mod.Phys.Lett. A28 (2013) 1350092
    DOI: 10.1142/S0217732313500922

  113. Isometry Group Orbit Quantization of Spinning Strings in AdS_3 x S^3
    M.Heinze, G.Jorjadze, L.Megrelidze
    arXiv:1410.3428 [hep-th]

  114. Working Group Report: Baryon Number Violation
    K.S.Babu, ..., Z.Tavartkiladze et al.
    arXiv:1311.5285 [hep-ph]

  115. Three Family SU(5) GUT and Inverted Neutrino Mass Hierarchy
    Phys.Rev. D87 (2013)GESJ Phys. 2013 (2013) 2, 18-31 075026
    DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.87.075026

  116. t→γ decay in the ACD model
    G.Devidze, A.Liparteliani
    arXiv:1304.4348 [hep-ph]

  117. Nambu–Goldstone modes and the Josephson supercurrent in the bilayer quantum Hall system
    Y.Hama, G.Tsitsishvili, F.Ezawa
    PTEP 2013 (2013) 5, 053I01
    DOI: 10.1093/ptep/ptt025

  118. Generalization of the hypervirial and Feynman-Hellman theorems
    T.Nadareishvili, A.Khelashvili
    GESJ Phys. 2013 (2013) 2, 18-31

  119. Generating functional for mesonic ChPT with virtual photons in a general covariant gauge
    A.Agadjanov, D.Agadjanov, A.Khelashvili, T.Nadareishvili
    Eur.Phys.J. A49 (2013) 120
    DOI: 10.1140/epja/i2013-13120-x

  120. Study of Environmental and Antimicrobial Agents Impact on Features of Bacterial Growth
    T. Mdzinarashvili, I. Papukashvili, T. Partskhaladze, N. Shengelia and M. Khvedelidze
    Cell Biochem. and Biophys. 66 (2013) 759-764

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